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Who We Are

In a nutshell, we design, develop and innovate!

SoftNexus is a team of designers, programmers, content creators, and developers. This company was founded to offer high-quality usable aesthetic products to solve all sorts of problems. Our coming together is to ensure that we are a one-stop shop for all your project’s needs, including Full-stack software development, UI/UX design and Chatbot Development.

What We Do

Design, Develop, and Innovate!

Full-stack software development

We’re comfortable working with both frontend and backend technologies. Our core technology stack includes Python/Django, Node.js/Express, PHP/Codeigniter, PHP/Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, ES6, JQuery, Ionic, and Flutter. We Build for both the Web and Mobile (Android and IOS).

UI/UX design

At SoftNexus, we believe in simple, usable, aesthetic products, which is why we offer consistent quality that extends to every tier of application development. To create quality user interfaces, the focus of our design is always on individuals rather than on abstract “users.” This process involves Conceptualization, User experience design, User interface design, Brand Identity, and individual testing.


We build chatbots which are easily integrated into platforms like Google, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, and many more.

Quality Product Assurance

We systematically monitor and evaluate various aspects of our work to make sure our processes run smoothly, our products are well-produced, and our results come out exactly how our clients want it.


We have helped our clients successfully launch projects of different stages: from product idea validation and MVP implementation to scaling and development.