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About the App

We at Softnexus saw the need for a platform that could help showcase African fashion designers works and products and to also make it the products accessible for buyers and fashion lovers.

So we built a web application and Andriod and Ios apps.


At the conception, we listed out the problems this app should solve for the users:

1. Recommending fashion wears that a first time user would love
2. Making it easy for fashion designers to share and manage items for sale
3. A chat system to foster communication between a user and the fashion designer

Having these points in mind, we moved to the design stage


Our Process

Design Process

We sketched and designed low fidelity wireframes that served as the skeleton for the high fidelity designs

We then came up with a magazine-feel direction for high-fi designs. This was developed to a design system having consistent typography, colors, images, spacing and others.

Motion is an essential part of a good app design so we ensured that animations were informative, focused and expressive. We also took thw opportunity to express Tiwa's brand culture with mild animations.

Web Architecture

Our backend choices were driven by our need to support multiple platforms: native iOS and Android apps and a web app.

To power real-time chat, which is an important part of the platform, we created a WebSocket server using an asynchronous web server with Node.js and Firebase separately as a microservice.

Data security and integrity is ensured with the latest version of the PostgreSQL database and regular automated backups.

Frontend Development

Tiwa was written in Nuxt.j(Vue.js). We used Nuxt because it is server side rendered, an E-commerce platform like Tiwa obviously need to be Optimized for Search Engine and Nuxt was a perfect fit for that requirement. The web app looks exactly like the mobile app.

Mobile App Development

Tiwa Mobile was created with Flutter, we needed a framework that was cross platform and at the same time still compile back to native, we wanted our the whole mobile app to be a single codebase. Flutter served this purpose.

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